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Uploaded by: chef_moreno_carusi , 18.10.2018

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Tuna Tartar

Chef Moreno Carusi , Moreno Carusi Ristorante , Berlin

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Tuna Tartar is an excellent starter for the summer time.

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First make a reduction of balsamico vinegar in a pot heating smoothly by 150 degrees until the vinegar is pasty.
Put 50g parmesan cheese evenly spread in a hot pan with less heat. In one minute is the cheese melted and you can take out the cheese like a pancake. Take a little bowl, form the cheese on it and wait until the cheese is cold and took over the form. Make another one. Mix oil with the juice of a half lemon, salt and pepper from the mill in a bowl.
Dice the tuna finely, divide in two portions and place each in one cold parmesan cheese bowl, cover with oil mixture, lemon juice and some of the vinegar reduction. This recipe yields for 2 servings.


About the chef

Chef Moreno Carusi

Moreno Carusi is the head chef and owner of Moreno Carusi Ristorante in Berlin

Moreno Carusi was born in Giulianova Lido, a small town in Italy. He obtained cookery certificate when he was 16 years old. This was the beginning of a meteoric gastronomic career. After he started as commis de cuisine in the Italian army was moving to the United States. In San Diego he received the recognized certificate of “Chef de Cuisine” in the “Golden Palate”, then he moved back to Europe, and decided to settle in Manchester, England. The last stop for the moment and since 1992 is Berlin, the city where he is living and working.

During the last years his gastronomic passion and his inexhaustible curiosity pushed him to alternate the cook profession -however dominant- with the activity to have a direct contact with the guests. This act is turning the scene of the “Moreno Carusi Ristorante” in a real and daily culinary manifestation.

The solid knowledge about cooking, the large international experience (he is fluent in italian, german, english and spanish) together with a multilingual staff and his affable character makes Moreno Carusi one of the best chefs, and his restaurant is one of the bests in Berlin.

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