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Uploaded by: MariaSantos , 15.10.2018

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Marinated lamb chops in balsamic vinegar

Chef Andrea Conte , JW's Steakhouse , Dubai

 Table-booking.com - Chef Andrea Conte 


Traditional italian meat dish. Easy to make in a short time.

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10-15 minutes is the cooking time depending on the marination on the lamb chops.
Cut just a part of the fat of the lamb chops, marinate it after adding spices, olive oil and garlic on it.
Marinate the potatoes in the same way of the lamb chops.
Prepare one hot pan where to put the lamb chops, and another one to heat the balsamic vinager with a few spoons of sugar.
Cook the lamb for 5-10 minutes and add the marinated potatoes after that.
Add a bit of vinager also in the pan with lamb and potatoes and bake it in the oven for 2 minutes.
Cut the lamb chops, add the balsamic reduction on it.

 Table-booking.com - Chef Andrea Conte 

About the chef

Chef Andrea Conte

Italian chef from "JW Marriot" restaurant "Cucina", Dubai.

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